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Application: Well drilling

Features:Hydraulic rotary equipment


Standard: API & ISO

Warranty:3 months

Usage: 300Hrs



Downhole motor is a kind of downhole dynamic drilling tool driven by the power of drilling mud. Mud stream from the outlet of a mud pump flows through a by-pass valve into the motor. This stream produces pressure loss at both inlet and outlet of the pump, to push the rotor into rotating, and to transmit the torque and speed onto the bit. The downhole motor property mainly depends on its property parameters.

Downhole motor rotor is manufactured from high quality alloy steel, while stator is made of rubber. High force and tearing strength of the rubber stator allows the tool to run in the high temperatures (about 180 ℃ ) and high oil mud condition. All these benefits help to maintain effective operation.

We produce the downhole motor with an external coating on the motor rotor that gives the tool a much longer service life.

ROTATE rotors are precision machined and polished to achieve a smooth and accurate finish. Each rotor is then plated chrome twice for corrosion protection and wear resistance. The thickness of chrome plating is 1:1.

Rotor is a chrome-plated screw rod, which runs inside the stator. Stator is made by squeezing rubber sleeve on the wall of steel tube, there forms spiral structure with a certain geometric parameter.

Rotor and Stator matches with each other, to form spiral line and seal cavity through their guide rail difference. Drilling fluid is pumped downhole through the drill pipe at a given rate and pressure. Once the hydraulic energy of the drilling fluid reaches the motor, that fluid moving through the power section is converted into rotation and torque. This mechanical energy is transferred through the rest of the motor directly to the drill bit. With rotor running in the stator, the seal cavity is moving along its axial direction, continuously forms and disappears, to complete its energy conversion. This is the basic principle of Downhole Motor.

Spiral seal line on rotor is divided into single end and multi-end (stator with one more end than rotor). The less ends the motor has, the higher speed and the lower torque is. The more ends it has, the lower speed and the higher torque is.

ROTATE Downhole motors come in sizes ranging from Φ43mm to Φ286mm.

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