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Features:API Thread Inspection

Material:AISI steel

Standard: API & ISO

Warranty:3 months

Usage: API螺纹检测工具



ROTATE offers American Petroleum Institute - API thread gauges to Spec. Q1, Spec. 5B, Spec. 7, Spec. 11B as well as many special API gages.

API gauges come in all types include casing-round, line pipe, tubing-non upset, tubing-external upset, tubing-integral joint, extreme line casing, NC connections, regular, full hole, internal flush, H-90, slim hole, extra hole, wide open, AOH, PAC, XHole, Sucker rods B1 to B6, Sucker rods P1 to P6, Mining, BECO, D1-22, D1-42, American National special threads, tapered thread gauges-AWWA, and many special custom gauges. ROTATE stocks many popular sizes of API gauges and API thread gauges, available for immediate delivery.

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