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Adjustable Bend Housing

Application:Directional well drilling

Features:Rotary Sub

Material:AISI steel

Standard: API & ISO

Warranty:3 months

Usage: 300Hrs



Located between the stator and the bearing assembly, the Adjustable Bend Housing is a device which permits an adjustable bend to be set in the motor to provide directional drilling ability and control. The bend housing is adjusted on the rig floor and can provide bend settings from 0 to 3° or 0 to 4°. The ROTATE Adjustable Bend Housing provides an automatic crown lift feature designed to minimize difficulties encountered with sticking or seized adjusting crowns. An oversized bore through the adjustable bend housing will accept the large diameter drive lines and universal joints necessary to transmit the higher torques developed by today's power sections.

The ROTATE adjustable bend housing allows for quick and easy bend angle adjustment from 0°-3°.

* Bent angle easily can be changed by drilling crew on a rig floor

* Shorter bit to bent distance (between bearing and motor sections)

* Wider variety of DLS from 0 (tangent section) to 3 degrees/30 ft

* Possibility to use in two modes: oriented and rotary

* MWD system allows continual control on borehole trajectory and high accuracy of bend housing orientation

Rotation of the drill string while drilling with downhole motor and adjustable bend housing (ABH):

* Negates the effect of bit tilt and allows to drill the straight hole

* Drills slightly oversize hole

* Decreases the risk of stuck pipe

* Improves hole cleaning

* Decreases friction between drill string and borehole

* Increases ROP due to higher power at bit

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