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Fixed Bend Housing (Oriented Bend Sub)

Application:Directional well drilling

Features:Rotary Sub

Material:AISI steel

Standard: API & ISO

Warranty:3 months

Usage: 300Hrs



The fixed bend housing is a major power deflection tool having a fixed angle deviated from the low end thread of the bend housing to the axial line of drill stem. Under the application of fixed bend housing the power drill tool give the bit a constant lateral force to ensure that the bit can cut on the well wall laterally and further drill into a curved well trace.

The angle degree of Rotate fixed bend housing ranges from 0° to 3° which is decided by the customers. The factors of change of hole size, hole deviation angle and footage rate shall be considered in selection of bent housing. The angle of bend housing may directly affect the hole deviation angle and inclination change.

Bend Housings are manufactured to customer specifications with or without hard surfacing coatings.

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