Briefly talk about the maintenance method of telescopic oil drill pipe
When drilling, its role is not only to transmit torque and form a channel for circulating flushing fluid; at the same time, through the relative movement between the inner and outer pipes, the lower drilling tool can be protected from the heave of the floating drilling device and perform normal operations. Drill into work. However, because the inner and outer pipes move relative to each other, the upper drilling tool also rises and falls. Therefore, the drilling pressure cannot be adjusted during the drilling process. It is a constant drilling pressure drilling. The editor will talk about the maintenance method of the telescopic drill pipe.

Replace the wearing parts of the oil drill pipe in time. The wearing parts on the drill pipe include: shock-absorbing ring assembly, anti-belt rod tray, spring seat, shock-absorbing spring.

1. The shock-absorbing ring assembly plays a role in protecting the main engine. Once the rubber of the shock-absorbing ring assembly is broken, peeled off, and aged, the drill pipe will drop (impact) the main engine quickly. The use of the drill pipe must ensure the shock-absorbing ring assembly The rubber is basically intact.

2. The anti-belt pallet plays the role of anti-belt. Once the piece is deformed or bent after being impacted during use, the gap between the inner diameter of the adjacent drill pipe and steel pipe will become smaller. In severe cases, the drill pipe will not be flexible or flexible. It is stuck and cannot be stretched. If this happens, please contact the manufacturer to return to the factory for repair.

3. The spring seat (tray, water diversion tray) not only plays the role of flow operation, but also protects the end of the drill pipe and guides the spring of the drill rod. The flow water is very easy to wear, and should be replaced in time after wear, and surfacing is not allowed. For hardfacing electrodes with hard layers, it is not allowed to use materials with a hardness greater than 210HB to prepare fan-shaped blocks on the water tray.

4. The damping spring plays a dual role in protecting the drill pipe and the drill rig. The damping spring must be replaced in time if it is broken, folded, or deformed. The mechanical properties of the drill pipe spring are strictly calculated and cannot be changed at will. The material of the drill pipe spring is 60Si2MnA

Second, the drill pipe is maintained and inspected diyily. 1. The drill pipe will be maintained and inspected after the end of drilling or after 50 hours of use. The key strip on the drill pipe has low surface strength and hardness. It will be piled up after short-term use and form burrs. After 50 hours of use or after a pile is built, the drill pipe should be pulled out to grind the burrs to prevent the burrs when the drill pipe is tilted. Cause to take the rod. 2. Defects in the manufacture of drill pipes; quenching cracks and welding cracks will be displayed at an early stage, found and eliminated early to avoid the occurrence of serious accidents.

3. Daily maintenance.

1. When the machine-locked drill pipe is pressurized, the drill pipe should be fully unlocked. If it is not completely locked, it will accelerate the wear of the pressure-bearing lock block. Every time the drill pipe is inspected, it is found that there is abrasion here, so it should not be welded and polished in time.

2. The machine-locked drill pipe will shake when hitting hard formations. Sometimes the inner key of the drill pipe may be slightly welded. When checking the machine-locked drill pipe, please check this place carefully. If the above phenomenon occurs, it must be ground. Repair welding at the opening.

3. The damping spring and square head of the drill pipe core rod should be checked frequently. If cracks are found, contact the manufacturer for repair in time.

4. After the drill pipe is working in acid, alkali, and salt areas, the drill pipe should be fully pulled apart when stored, and cleaned in time with clean water. As much as possible, clean and store in time after each use. When the drill pipe is stored for petroleum, the maintenance of the oil drill pipe shall not be used as a support platform for stacking heavy objects; the drill pipe shall not be placed on a pile of scattered rocks, pebbles, and gravel.

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