How much do you know about the precautions for the use of drill pipes
With a drill bit, there must be its "brother" drill pipe. What a drill pipe is, we can easily understand literally, let's take a look at the precautions for the use of drill pipe!

1. When using for the first drilling and digging, you should "grind the new buckle" first. This includes, first apply the threaded oil to the technological innovation, and then use the drill to tighten it. When opening the buckle for domestic demand, Reopen the threaded oil and repeat this three times to avoid new wear and snapping.

2. Keep the drill pipe under the ground and on the ground in a straight line as much as possible, so as to avoid the side force of the threaded part and cause unnecessary wear and tear, and even jump the drill pipe. Pay attention to anchor the drill to avoid stress during construction Movement is very important.

3. When using a new drill pipe, make sure that the thread of the front cut (to protect the shaft head) of the drill bit is also close to the new one. A broken rotor can easily damage the thread of the new drill pipe. The thread of the new drill pipe will generally lose money, causing water leakage and snapping. , Loose and other states.

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